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Rs[^?A?I? 0 1 ?B??A?O 10 i?A0 1 ?iV[PXj?\@Kv??B?A@ (Character Encodings) ?B?Ap?{I?L???B??? 7 rbg ASCII ????A??@?B



?L??A ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ??m 7 rbgR[h?BnI?? 1969 N RFC20 ??m??B8 rbg??AG[`FbNp?peB[rbg?g??A0 ??????B

p???L? 94 ?????\? (0x21`0x7e) ?A33 ????A (0x20) 128 ??ZbgA0x00 0x7f ?? 7 rbg?R[hXy[X?}bsO?B??A??A0x7F = 0111 1111 R[h|WV?? (del) ???B

7 rbg ASCII ?R[h|WV

? ASCII RFC1345 ?`??B{e??A?? ASCII ?]??A ASCII ???A7-bit ASCII (RFC20) w???B

IANA ??o^???????F

Name: ANSI_X3.4-1968                                   [RFC1345,KXS2]
MIBenum: 3
Source: ECMA registry
Alias: iso-ir-6
Alias: ANSI_X3.4-1986
Alias: ISO_646.irv:1991
Alias: ASCII
Alias: ISO646-US
Alias: US-ASCII (preferred MIME name)
Alias: us
Alias: IBM367
Alias: cp367
Alias: csASCII


ASCII ?????A??v?? ISO-2022 ?A?dl??{?? ISO-2022-JP ?B JIS R[h?????BISO-2022-JP ?@??A?l??GXP[vV[PXg?A ASCII R[h?{?????B


1b+28+42[ESC] ( B20-7eASCII
1b+28+4a[ESC] ( J20-7eJIS[}
1b+24+40[ESC] $ @21-7e21-7eJIS (78JIS)
1b+24+42[ESC] $ B21-7e21-7eVJIS (83JIS)
1b+28+49[ESC] ( I21-5fpJi
1b+24+44[ESC] $ D21-7e21-7eJIS?

[ESC] ??GXP[v?A16 i? "0x1b" ???BGXP[vV[PX? 2 ?AiGXP[vV[PXjAZbg???????B

??A0x1b+(+B ??A?? ACSII ???A0x1b+$+B ??A?? 1983 N??? JIS R[h????B

ISO-2022-JP ??A{? 2 oCg?\?AASCII 8 rbg??? 7 rbg???A 0x3021 ?A"0x1B + $ + B" ????uv???A"0x1B + ( + B" ??Au0!v ???B??Auv???AJIS ? 0x2422 ???AR[h ASCII ? u$"v ???B

??A 0x24 ?n?oCg?? ACSII R[h? u$+xv??AJ^Ji 0x25 ?n?oCg?? ASCII R[h??u%+xv???BpJi JIS8 ??? 8-bit \? a1-df i63 ?j??A?rbg 0 ? 7-bit \ JIS7 ? 21-5f ???B

Gc?f?AISO-2022 ?AGXP[vV[PX??AVOoCg?_uoCg?A?? 2 oCg???R[h?B

IANA ??o^???????F

Name: ISO-2022-JP  (preferred MIME name)               [RFC1468,Murai]
MIBenum: 39
Source: RFC-1468 (see also RFC-2237)
Alias: csISO2022JP


ISO-2022 ?AGXP[[vV[PX??A?R[h|Cg?X?BGXP[vV[PXE?AR[hApwAw???B

p{pJ^Ji{??AVOoCg?R[h|Cg?A_uoCg?R[h|Cg??AVtg JIS ?B

00-1f, 7fR[h
81-9F, e0-ef40-7e, 80-fcVJIS (83JIS)

GXP[vV[PX?p?A1 oCg??l?????AR[h?]T?A??蓖??B

8 rbg???g??A7 rbg????? SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) ??????B?AEUC-JP UTF-8 ???l?B

Gc?f?AVtg JIS ?AVOoCg?_uoCg?R[h|Cgd?????AoCg???f?A?? 2 oCg???R[h?B

IANA ??o^???????F

ame: Shift_JIS  (preferred MIME name)
MIBenum: 17
Source: This charset is an extension of csHalfWidthKatakana by
        adding graphic characters in JIS X 0208.  The CCS's are
        JIS X0201:1997 and JIS X0208:1997.  The
        complete definition is shown in Appendix 1 of JIS
        This charset can be used for the top-level media type "text".
Alias: MS_Kanji 
Alias: csShiftJIS

EUC (Extended UNIX Code)

7 rbg? ASCII R[h?dR[h|Cg??AGXP[vV[PX?A?R[h|Cg??? JIS ?BShit_JIS ?AGXP[vV[PXg??AVOoCg?_uoCgA??oCg??R[hGA????BEUC ?A? 1 rbg? 0 1 ???? ASCII ???B

00-1f, 7fR[h
a1-fea1-feVJIS (83JIS)

Gc?f?AJIS ?Vtg JIS ????A?| 3 oCg??R[h?B?T|[g? EUC-JP ?A?ApJiT|[g?????AC^[lbg?pJig?????????B

IANA ??o^???????F

Name: Extended_UNIX_Code_Packed_Format_for_Japanese
MIBenum: 18
Source: Standardized by OSF, UNIX International, and UNIX Systems
        Laboratories Pacific.  Uses ISO 2022 rules to select
               code set 0: US-ASCII (a single 7-bit byte set)
               code set 1: JIS X0208-1990 (a double 8-bit byte set)
                           restricted to A0-FF in both bytes
               code set 2: Half Width Katakana (a single 7-bit byte set)
                           requiring SS2 as the character prefix
               code set 3: JIS X0212-1990 (a double 7-bit byte set)
                           restricted to A0-FF in both bytes
                           requiring SS3 as the character prefix
Alias: csEUCPkdFmtJapanese
Alias: EUC-JP  (preferred MIME name)


Ct[?g?A}`oCg?R[h?BEBCDIC (Extended BCD Interchange Code) 8 rbgR[h?A?` BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) g??B

_uoCg?g?AVOoCg?? SBCS (Single Byte Character Set) ??сA_uoCg?? DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) ??т?BVOoCg?_uoCg?A??VtgAEg (SO, 0x0e) ?VtgC (SI, 0x0f) ????B??A_uoCg?ASO SI ?邱????B

IANA ??o^???????B

Name: IBM037                                              [RFC1345,KXS2]
MIBenum: 2028
Source: IBM NLS RM Vol2 SE09-8002-01, March 1990
Alias: cp037
Alias: ebcdic-cp-us
Alias: ebcdic-cp-ca
Alias: ebcdic-cp-wt
Alias: ebcdic-cp-nl
Alias: csIBM037

?????AIBM037, IBM038, IBM274, IBM275, IBM277, IBM278, IBM280, IBM281, IBM274, IBM285, IBM290, IBM297, IBM420, IBM423, IBM424, IBM500, IBM870, IBM871, IBM880, IBM905, IBM918, IBM00924, IBM01140, IBM01141, IBM01142, IBM01143, IBM01144, IBM01145, IBM01146, IBM01147, IBM01148, IBM01149, IBM1047 ????AEBCDIC-AT-DE, EBCDIC-AT-DE-A, EBCDIC-CA-FR, EBCDIC-DK-NO, EBCDIC-DK-NO-A ????A?R?? IANA ?o^??B

Unicode UCS


Unicode ?AUnicode Consortium ??A 2 oCg???@?BS??A??@?舵???B?AWindows Java ?lCeBu?R[h??ft@NgX^_[h?n?z??B?W?? ISO/IEC 10646 l?RZvg?dl??A1992 N??A????A???????B

Unicode ??V? Unicode V4.01 ?A ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 (Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS)--Part 1: Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane) ????B


ISO/IEC 10646 `?@ UCS (Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set) ?A32 rbg` UCS-4 (Universal Character Set coded in 4 octets) ?A16 rbg` UCS-2 (Universal Character Set coded in 2 octets) ??B

UCS-4 ?A 231 ??R[h|CgAR[hXy[X?AQ (group)A (plane)A (row)A_ (cell)??BQ 7-bit i128 ?j?A?AA_ 8-bit i256 ?j?B

UCS-2 ?AUCS-4 ?Q0000\??A?? BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane, {) ????BUnicode V3.0 ?? ISO/IEC 10646-1 ?ABMP ?O???`??BUnicode V3.1 ? BMP ?O?R[h|WV?蓖???AISO/IEC 10646-1 ?????AUCS-2 BMP ?????????B

IANA ??o^???????F

Name: ISO-10646-UCS-4
MIBenum: 1001
Source: the full code space. (same comment about byte order,
        these are 31-bit numbers.
Alias: csUCS4

Name: ISO-10646-UCS-2
MIBenum: 1000
Source: the 2-octet Basic Multilingual Plane, aka Unicode
        this needs to specify network byte order: the standard
        does not specify (it is a 16-bit integer space)
Alias: csUnicode


UCS ????@?A]?p邱?z??ATCYk????R[hA?i??`??B?AUTF (UCS Transformation Format) ?B

UTF ??A8 rbg` UTF-8 ?A16 rbg` UTF-16 \I?B


UTF-8 ?AISO/IEC 10646 ?S??\?\?B1 INebg?\?\??? 0x00`0x7f ????A ASCII ?S???B???Aen?g 2 INebg??A?? 3 INebg??g?BUnicode ? 0x10ffff ??w????AUTF-8 ??? 4 INebg???AUCS-4 S???AUTF-8 ?? 6 INebg???B

   Char. number range   |        UTF-8 octet sequence
      (hexadecimal)     |              (binary)
0x00000000 - 0x0000007F | 0xxxxxxx (7-bit ASCII)
0x00000080 - 0x000007FF | 110xxxxx 10xxxxxx 
0x00000800 - 0x0000FFFF | 1110xxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx (BMP)
0x00010000 - 0x001FFFFF | 11110xxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx (Unicode)
0x00200000 - 0x03FFFFFF | 111110xx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 
0x04000000 - 0x7FFFFFFF | 1111110x 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx

ASCII ?R[h?AMSB i??rbgj 1 ?????A7 rbg??]??? SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) ??A??????B?_???AUTF-7 ? 7 rbg`?@??B


UTF-16 ?AISO/IEC 10646 ?`AO[v 00 ??? 16 v[??\?\?Bv[E[ BMP ?R[h|Cg UCS-2 ???gA BMP ??ATQ[gyA?\?B

UTF-16 ?hn?AUTF-16BE (Big Endian) UTF-16LE (Little Endian) ???B??AUCS-2 U+0041 CUTF-16BE ? 00 41 ?\AUTF-16LE ? 41 00 ?\?B

UTF-16 BE LE ??????A????A??A?? 2 oCg BOM (Byte Order Mark, U+FEFF) ???R[h?????B? FE FF ? BE ??AFF FE ? LE ???BWindows ?lCeBuR[h? Unicode ?AUTF-16LE ?ABOM ???B

IANA ??o^???????F

Name: UTF-8                                                    [RFC3629]
MIBenum: 106
Source: RFC 3629
Alias: None

Name: UTF-16BE                                                 [RFC2781]
MIBenum: 1013
Source: RFC 2781
Alias: None

Name: UTF-16LE                                                 [RFC2781]
MIBenum: 1014
Source: RFC 2781
Alias: None

Name: UTF-16                                                   [RFC2781]
MIBenum: 1015
Source: RFC 2781
Alias: None

?AUTF-7, UTF-32 ???B

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