H. 設計目標 (Design Goals)


この付録部分は 参照的

本付録部分では、設計目標は "Gn" で識別されており、要求仕様は "Rn.n" で識別される。XHTML のモジュール化フレームワークでは、四つの主要な設計目標が存在する:

H.1. 要求仕様 (Requirements)


H.1.1. Granularity

Collectively the requirements in this section express the desire that the modules defined within the framework hit the right level of granularity:

H.1.2. Composibility

The composibility requirements listed here are intended to ensure that the modularization framework be able to express the right set of target modules required by the communities that will be served by the framework:

H.1.3. Ease of Use

The modularization framework will only receive widespread adoption if it describes mechanisms that make it easy for our target audience to use the framework:

H.1.4. Compatibility

The intent of this document is that the modularization framework described here should work well with the XML and other standards being developed by the W3C Working Groups:

H.1.5. Conformance

The effectiveness of the framework will also be measured by how easy it is to test the behavior of modules developed according to the framework, and to test the documents that employ those modules for validation:

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